Do you have a progress blog?

No I do not, but I’ve posted 2 before and after pictures so far:



How have you been losing weight?
I’m on the hCG diet.

What’s hCG?
hCG is a hormone a female gets when she is pregnant.

How does the diet work?
Well you take hCG 3 times a day (it’s in drop form aka liquid) under your tongue. It works because hCG tells your body to send stored fat to the baby when you’re pregnant, but since I am not pregnant it just burns the stored fat instead. (About 3000 calories a day)

Is it hard?
Well I have to say it’s a little hard because it takes discipline. It’s easy for me, I just don’t enjoy being on it because of the calorie restriction. You’re only allowed 500 calories a day, no more and no less. Many many foods aren’t allowed though. No bread, dairy, starches, oils, sugars, nuts… basically anything that could be even remotely unhealthy. The only things allowed are apples, strawberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, coffee (black), tea (no sugar added), lean beef, chicken breast, white fish, and specific veggies (not all veggies are allowed). Once a day you can replace one meal with 3 hard boiled egg whites and ONE entire hard boiled egg. You must also be drinking close to a gallon of water a day.

Is it safe?
Yes. I’ve done it 3 times and I’ve never had any complications, and my aunt/uncle have also done it 3 times and they’re never had any problems either. However the first 3 days or so you’ll probably get a headache, but you can take Aspirin or Advil to take care of that.

Can I work out on this diet?
No. Heavy exercise is not permitted. If you wanna walk a little bit, that’s fine. But NO heavy exercise, nothing that will make you break a sweat.

Can guys do it too?

Do you gain the weight back when you’re done?
Once you’re off it you don’t gain any weight as long as you stick to the maintenance phase which lasts about 3 weeks. It’s a VERY crucial part of the diet. You have to try and stay away from breads, starches, sugars, stuff like that for the first 3 weeks once you’re off the diet (while eating 1500 calories a day) and start working out and stuff. It’s to train your body to be stable at your new weight.

Where did you get yours?

What about vegetarians?
I’m not sure exactly how it works for vegetarians, but I’ll tell you what it says in my book thingy about it:

“Vegetarians can have great success on the hCG Diet! Closely monitoring foods and weight is key. Good meat substitutes are tofu, Boca burgers, 500 cc of skim milk/day, 100 grams of cottage cheese made from skim milk, or eggs. Look for meat substitutes with high protein, low-carb and no sugar. Because it’s not possible to follow the protocol strictly as a vegetarian, make sure to monitor your food carefully so you receive the maximum benefits from the diet.”

Are there any other kinds of hCG?
Well there are also injections that you use once a day, but you can only get those at an actual clinic. There are also hCG in pellet form, but a friend of mine tried those and her weight loss didn’t go too well, so I wouldn’t recommend those.

Why is your URL 65pounds? Do you wanna weigh 65 pounds?
No, I definitely do not want to weight 65 pounds. I chose that url because I couldn’t think of anything, and when I first created this blog I had 65 more pounds to go, so I figured why not go with that.

Notes: oA lot of the time on this diet people eventually wanna just stop eating all together, but I cannot stress how important it is that you DON’T do that. You WILL stop losing weight because your body will go into starvation mode, and besides that, it’s just plain unhealthy. You definitely should not ever skip meals or snacks.

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